What is PrimaEd


   What is PrimaEd

PrimaEd is the only online learning platform that supports Zimbabweans studying their Secondary and High School education. We offer ZIMSEC and Cambridge, SAT studying and examination resources, testing services, and scholarship application services to enhance your learning. PrimaEd currently supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and English Language subjects. When you sign up using your email you get your own login. On your dashboard, you get homework, send homework, and can access materials and tests for your courses. Generally, you have to take a test for us to graduate you to another unit within the same course. All that is done online from your dashboard.

If you aren’t “psyched” about PrimaEd already, here are 5 reasons why you should join your friends at PrimaEd:


   Fun And Intuitive

PrimaEd offers carefully developed and simple-to-understand online Subject Classes which you can access at any time. Through our website and app, you will have access to the curriculum resources, regular assignments, unit tests, and progress reports. Don’t let all that deceive you, however: PrimaEd makes learning fun and intuitive.


   Zero Transport Cost

With PrimaEd you get the full experience of school without having to leave your home. Yes, no transport costs! With PrimaEd you could be saving as much as 30 hours of travel every month. Learn smart with us.


   Parental Support

PrimaEd offers you the option to have your parents track your progress, check your attendence, support you with payments, etc., and this can be done from a separate login. We also arrange in-person consultations when necessary.


  Learn With Other Students

PrimaEd connects you to small focus chat groups with other students to support your learning.


  Resources, Resources!

With your support, PrimaEd is developing the best text, video, and audio resources for Cambridge and ZIMSEC including “ZIMSEC past-examination” drills which we are constantly updating!

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