Getting Started with PrimaEd ZIMSEC O’ Level

At PrimaEd we offer text, audio, and video lessons for the ZIMSEC Sciences, English, and Mathematics syllabuses. Our lessons and services are selected and developed to serve even the students that have limited access to the internet. Below is a short list of what you should consider when using our services.  

PrimaEd offers carefully developed and simple-to-understand online Subject Classes which you can access at any time. Through our website and app, you will have access to the curriculum resources, regular assignments, unit tests, and progress reports. Don’t let all that deceive you, however: PrimaEd makes learning fun and intuitive.

Our text resources are designed for use with very little in internet data. We use simple English and graphical illustrations that you can save on your phone as simple webpages which you can refer to when you don’t have internet access. Click here to learn how you can save your pages.

Here is a checklist of the things that you need to learn through PrimaEd Notes.

  1. A phone that connects to the internet.
  2. A valid primaEd account
  3. Internet data to access your 

At PrimaEd, we often upload audio notes to help you interpret the notes easily. Audio notes consume more data than text notes, but they are generally more effective in explaining concepts and ideas. Currently, we are developing audio notes in English but in time we will have notes in Shona and Isindebele as well. We recommend that you use audio notes only when you need more explanation about the details in your notes

At PrimaEd, we create amazing high-quality blackboard videos to support you. If you have a good internet connection, you should definitely try PrimaEd videos. Here is a sample video.

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