PrimaEd Learning Program

Learn to Ace your Exams by taking standard instant ZIMSEC/Cambridge exams from your home.
Revise using simple-to-understand videos.

Multiple Choice

Join thousands of students in Zimbabwe and write standardized exams for Combined Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Papers 2 and 3

Write standardized ZIMSEC and Cambridge exams, upload them to us, and have them marked by our trained professionals.

Practical Papers

Practice carrying out practical exams for all sciences. Practical exams help you understand concepts better and study more effectively.

Our Most Popular Courses

Learn and track your progress with video lectures, assignments, quizzes, etc. We are constantly adding more courses for Ordinary and Advanced Level studies for ZIMSEC and Cambridge.


Combined Science (Free Trial)

Learn Combined Science from the comfort of your home. The notes in this course are straightforward and simple to understand. The notes are written in very simple to moderately simple English.


Maths O’Level Trial (Shona)

Learn Maths from the comfort of your home. This is great for you if you understand better in Shona. The videos in this trial version are done in Shona and very simple English.


O’Level Maths Trial (English)

Learn Maths from the comfort of your home. This is great for you if you understand better in English. The videos in this trial version are done in very simple to moderately simple English.

Introducing QLearning, our Newest
and Favorite Baby.

QLearning is a test-taking service that re-creates the conditions of the ZIMSEC/Cambridge exams for institutes without affecting their normal schedules. We use SAS (Statistical Analysis System) to help the pass rate of exam candidates before they take the actual examination.

QLearning Test Program

We are looking for three schools to join our pilot test-taking program. We provide new questions with standardized print and under the same conditions as the board examinations ZIMSEC/Cambridge. We only support STEM or Science-based subjects.

We then analyze the results using our data analysis tools and give you an assessment report which includes improvement opportunities. The reports are in three levels: student, school, and interschool.

Over a school term, you can track and improve the pass rate of your school. You can even predict the ultimate pass rate. We also provide video-learning resources through our website to enhance and pace self-learning and supplement class lectures.

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PrimaEd is committed to accelerating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) studies in Zimbabwe and in Africa. A part of our operation is about solving the inefficiencies of traditional learning by partnering with traditional learning institutes.

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