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The primaEd Provisional License Test prep system guarantees your pass. Over 600 students have used and loved our system.

Computerised Tests

Take standard tests using the best conditions for effective learning including actual test papers, standard timing, and instant marks.

One-On-One Guidance

A team of experts guides your learning and sends you score summaries and give you tasks to help prepare you for your tests.

Learn Anytime 24 hrs

You can access your courses any time of the day and any day of the week. You also get to pace yourself conveniently as you want.

Full Provisional License Course

Learn and track your progress with simple notes, exercises, and tests. We are constantly improving the course to save you time and also help you learn effectively.

(a)Internet connection: WIFI or browsing data and (b) a phone or computer. You don’t need much data. The whole process can require as little as 150 MB

Our clients write practice on the latest VID test papers and also use a similar computer program to the program used with VID.

The service fee of USD10 until you write and pass. Your account remains active for as long as it takes you to prepare for your test.

We offer a full refund if you don’t like the process or fail your test.

Our estimate is that you need only about 8 hours of concentrated effort. However, most students take 3 days to a week until we clear them to write.

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PrimaEd is committed to accelerating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) studies in Zimbabwe and in Africa. A part of our operation is about solving the inefficiencies of traditional learning by partnering with traditional learning institutes.

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