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Hi there.

I’m Coach Herbert. I’m your co-pilot. Welcome to the Provisional License Test prep. Thank you for choosing primaEd. This course is the best, most effective, and coolest way of preparing for your test. I kid you not! All the questions you will have in this course are exact VID test questions. As I write this, primaED has had more than 500 students use the course. Gosh, do our clients pass! Anyway, let’s discuss the important things first.

We Lock Some “Things”.

Now, if you are playful a bit with your learning, you may have realized that you cannot access the later sections. You can’t access the Regulations and Precautions section or those mock tests we know you are here for. That is perfectly normal whether you have paid us the service fee or are doing your free trial. The exercises and tests in this course are your locks: You must unlock each lock as you go.

When you score 88% or more on any exercise, the next exercise is automatically unlocked for you. If you pass an exercise and the system tells you to go back, simply log out and log in again.

The First Section is Free.

If you are coming from our Facebook or WhatsApp, we probably created a free account for you. After you do the first section, we normally disable your account. That means you will not be able to access your tests. If you like our process (Who am I kidding? You will love it!), you then pay the service fee to continue.

Meet Your Classmates

Once you make a payment, we add you to a WhatsApp group of paid members. Most of the clients there are students who passed their tests. Whenever a client passes, we announce it in the group and everyone congratulates them. We track your progress using a Stage Form which is sent two times daily. Here is a sample.

Here is a quick explanation of the stages:

ICE BOXThe first stage is the “ice box”. Your task will be to complete all the sections and make it to the mock tests.
Stage 1Get to the mock tests.
Stage 2To get out of stage 2, get at least 92% on a set of 16 tests.
C2WWhen your name is added to the “cleared to write”, you will be free to go to your local VID and take your test. We are confident that you will pass.

So, yeah, that’s it. I’m looking forward to you joining the family. I am Coach Herbert, your copilot.

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This is helpful, thanks coach

Very helpful coarse indeed

I have learnt a lot from this platform

Helpful Platform

This is a well informing platform, I really enjoyed my course, thank God for you Coach Herbert for such an incredible idea, you helped me a lot,after being discouraged for a while but now am confident and ready again, not just for the VID but forever.

Full of data and easy to use

Helpfull course

Great and helpful course

The website is the best and is very helpful

W. Gaesi

Amazing coaching platform.
Very excellent and so helpful

This is very helpful

This is very is flexible, easy helpful indeed.

Very helpful

It’s a great site,you are able to use it depending on your schedule and access it anytime

Course review

I have gone to write but this course has been fun to me!! Thank you for this platform


Easy to use and full of data. Thank you

Very helpful

Great contented covered

Helpful Course

User-friendly platform and very helpful Keep up the good work.

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119 thoughts on “Provisional Licence Course”

      1. I wish I had this kind of information way before I went on my vid test before,everything is explained in such a way that you understand and becomes simple and enjoyable..Thank you

      2. Thank you so much couch Herbert it was hard for me but l managed to understand and l managed to to pass it.God bless you thanx very much

      1. I wish I had this website before I went for my provisional test for the first time. Topics are explained in such a way that makes understanding easy. Everything is simplified and explained well. Thumbs up from me!!!

  1. Thank you guys Mr Uba and your team for helping me, your services are very accurate that makes my course easy and are 100% good 🙏

  2. I will choose this app over and over again.The support that I got was 200% if such exist.the learning path is exciting and encouraging.

  3. Tinashe Mutsambwa

    Your learning material are comfortable to follow and comprehend.hopefully l should be writing tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Herbert am enjoying the learning’s not only about passing the test but practical know-how to apply on the road..lm impressed

  4. Everjoy Makaza

    Im failling to log in with my credentias, im getting and error message saying incorrect password

    1. Thankyou for the well articulated notes .Am happy l have learnt a lot of aspects which confused me in the past.

  5. Munashe Hodobo

    I recently completed a provisional license course and found it to be incredibly informative and helpful. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, and the course materials were organized and easy to follow. I am grateful for the valuable skills and knowledge I gained through the course.

  6. Mapfutsire Bridget

    Very helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone anytime🔥keep up the good work Coach … long live

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